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Service Plans


Starting at just $149.99 per year the Basic Package includes a complete gas system inspection and servicing of all major gas appliances. This plan also comes with a 20% discount on regular labor rates for all trouble calls during the subscription year.


Upgrade to the Gold Package for only $174.99 and get all the benefits of the basic package plus a domestic and waste water inspection as well as the 20% labor discount on one after hours call during the subscription year.


Move to the Platinum Package for $199.99 and get all the benefits of the Basic and Gold packages plus our NND Policy (no nickel and dime) If a repair part cost less than $20, it costs you nothing. That's right, any single repair part to fix your problem on a trouble call under $20 is FREE!!! The 20% labor discount in the platinum package applies to ALL trouble calls during the subscription year. 20% off all labor, regular hours and after hours.

Winterization & Re-Opening

Starting at just $149.99 per year the basic plan includes a fall drain down and evacuation of your in home domestic water system with antifreeze in the traps. The price includes the return trip to reopen in the following spring.

Small Additional fees may apply depending on system complexity.


If you have a project in mind and are curious as to the costs involved, Email us photos and a description of your project and we can work together to get you a FREE estimate or work up a full bid for your job!

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